#108: Can’t Get Enough of David Choi

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What do you expect from make-up tutorial video except the how-to things? For me:  the background music!

Surprisingly, I found that the background music from Michelle Phan make-up tutorial is so stunning. So I tried to find out who sing that beautiful songs.

I’ve never heard about David Choi before. Even when I heard the make-up tutorial background music, I thought it played by someone famous and have music albums. But Google said different things: David Choi is a singer and songs writer who upload his music videos on Youtube (he got 3.8 million views, with more than 117,800 subscribers) and sell it on iTunes. He is no famous like Lady Gaga or other mainstream singers who went to major label and have the music video on MTV. He just trying to make himself famous by put his music as a video make-up tutorial background. In perfect world, someone who has talent and lovely voice like him should be more famous than Nicky Minaj (who I think so weird and craptastic).

His music? He describes it as a lita bita of dis and a lita suma dat witta bita lita dis ena hinta bita dat. In 2004, Choi was the grand prize winner for David Bowie’s Mashup contest which Bowie himself chose. Following that, he was the grand prize winner for USA Weekend Magazine’s John Lennon Songwriting Contest for teens, and appeared in USA Weekend Magazine with recording artist Usher. After getting accepted into a very selective ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) workshop, it led him to sign with Warner Chappell Publishing as a staff songwriter/producer as of April, 2006 for two years. (Schema Magazine)  

I downloaded his video music and found another interesting fact that it’s beautifully created by a small production House named Wong Fu. I love the concept: simple, touching, and well executed. Yes, it has mistakes here and there, like continuity cutting and angle. But only high-detailed person will find it. The heart-warmed song will hide it perfectly. :cutesmile:

“By My Side” concept is so simple and beautifully touched even I still wondering why they chose white balloons while the set is too gloomy and greyish. Dusty pink will work better in that set, I suppose. But when I finally found that the balloons is used to send the key down to the man (and the man use the key to open a door to pick up the girl), I think it really romantic. Not to mention that you can melting down random girl’s heart with balloons (maybe some other girls want something more fantastic), but the way the balloons work make me remember about Romeo and Juliet fabulous and world famous balcony scene.

And now, I can’t get enough of David Choi. I played the music video more than twenty times in a day. Sometimes I just look at the music video and hope I can make something simple and touching like that for my wedding anniversary someday. :lol:

Have I mentioned that David Choi is somehow look like a university student? Now, I’ve told that. He is no like Korean singers who sing and dance with that amazing-fake-glowing hair and three fingers smile. :lol:


  1. Milo
    Jun 1, 2012

    Wih, udah ada versi seluler-nya. Pro-gamer-nya wokeh! *OOT as usual*

    Lagunya basa inggris apa mandarin? *ga bisa yutub-an*

    • octanh
      Jun 2, 2012

      Lagunya enggres. Bagus lho. *promosi* 8)

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