#133: Welcoming Delicious Felt Tutorial on My Blog!

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So here we come, my greatest passion of all: felt craft.

It was so many years gone and I just dunno how I should do with my felt craft thingy. Sell it online: Yes, I’ve done that. Sadly no one buy because I live at remote area where the delivery cost for every stuff that I sell is so high and sometimes it’s higher than the price. So, it just won’t work.


The condition is so much easier when I live at Jakarta. That years, I could sell my craft easily and get generous profit. The problem just: I can’t make more craft because I don’t have enough time to do it. That was really a high demand time with low supply.

I try to figure this problem out and it’s come with something more interesting: how about make some tutorial so everyone who really enjoy felt craft can learn and make their own cool stuff? It will be so much fun because I can still do my felt craft and teach others without feeling running out of time. The problem just: I don’t have a good camera to take better pictures…. :T.T:

Three days ago, my hubby went to Makassar and make this problem dissapeared with a-good-but-cheap-camera-on-sale. He couldn’t choose the colours because there was only two camera in this type left on that store. He took the red one, a very bright one! But that’s okay. I need a camera, not its colour. The camera works really good and I’m still learning how to use it because I only learn photography with celluloid and analog kind of type and the worse part is: I never had a digital camera before. :T.T:

Next, I will make a new subdomain.

My just went crowded, the make-up thingy, the recipes…. I need a special space so my tutorial will be more well organized.

For me handcrafting is not only about making some stuff that’s look cute or adorable, more of that: it should be wearable or useable. I just don’t meet the point to make some stuff that you’ll never enjoy to use or wear it. So, my craft is something like that: headclips, cookie jars, key chain, jewelery box. And it’s all made from felt.

Crafting is just like cooking: you make something that you really like and you can eat it. You can’t cook something that you don’t like, but when your little baby like that food, I still love to make it too. Try some new patterns, get a new sewing and cutting adventure, and have a nice time crafting. Nothing can beat the feel of looking at your new well done craft.

Craft is not just about making something, but it’s all about love and share the love.

When people prefer to make knit, crochet, needlework, or sewing, I learn how to duplicate some food and dessert made from felt. I avoid to make doll or stuffed animal because it’s too common. Food duplicate is more exciting because we will learn how to make some tasty looking yet cute stuff with this kind of craft. And like I said before, it’s should be wearable or useable.

I’d like to make tutorial about it because I see that felt not as famous as needlework or knitting.  In Japan (I always adore how Japanesse people can be amazingly creative), this felt craft has just become one of the famous and easy-doing crafts. For one reason, the fabric is so flexible so you can make everything that pass on your head, and in the other reason, this felt fabric is a recycle stuff. So, it’s all about green, cheap, and wearable and useable craft. While it has not been famous yet, maybe we should consider to make it as famous as the other craft, I think. But this is a good start point, with the-not-yet-famous-craft, we can make something different and heart-catching for craft lovers. It sounds promising….

And, last: why I write this in english?

My hubby forced me to do it! :die: He said I have to learn how to write something with proper english.

Besides, I want more people will read it, not only people in Indonesia…. I hope. You can go to my Facebook Fanpage if you like. :cutesmile:

And thank you for Mas Elga who took all this pictures. :cutesmile:


  1. Edita
    Aug 20, 2012

    Craft is not just about making something, but it’s all about love and share the love. *suka sekali dengan kalimat ini* salam kenal ya mba’ Octa..saya pengunjung baru blog anda.

    • octanh
      Aug 23, 2012

      Ah, selamat datang….! :cutesmile: *buru-buru bersihin rumah*

      Semoga betah walopun blog ini isinya banyakan curhat emak-emak galau. :lol:

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